Imagine Omaha without a racial wealth gap

Imagine Omaha builds pathways to prosperity for Omaha’s marginalized Black population.

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The racial wealth gap in Omaha is startling

Omaha is home to more wealth than almost any city in the US. But Omaha’s Black population has been cut off from the city’s general prosperity.

About the Racial Wealth Gap

Homeownership among
Omaha’s Black citizens is


that of whites

Our tools for closing Omaha’s racial wealth gap

What We Do

Black certified Life Coaches & career counselors

The backbone of the program, Imagine Omaha will staff certified black Life Coaches to provide career counseling, while supporting clients through the most consequential transitions of adulthood, from early careers and credentialing through wealth-building and home-ownership.

Social work

On-staff LMSW Social Worker/s with knowledge of community resources that can be accessed and leveraged will advocate in the best interest of our clients, offering benefits assistance, counseling and referrals.

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As a product of North Omaha, I’ve seen first-hand my entire life the talent and passion that live here. But it’s been trapped for too long. It’s our generation’s responsibility to restore hope through access to opportunities.

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Jamar Dorsey

Recruitment & retention services

We help clients connect Black talent to social capital, helping them to see Omaha an attractive place to live, work, and grow.

Assessment of current DEI initiatives

We help businesses understand the effectiveness of DEI efforts and provide recommendations for capitalizing on success and improving upon weaknesses.

Planning & implementing effective DEI strategies

Working with your company’s DEI and Leadership team, Imagine Omaha goes beyond one-shot workshops to help your company establish a comprehensive DEI program.

Life Coaching for Black employees

Imagine Omaha offers coaching services for local companies' mid-level Black employees, helping them move up in your company and their career, and increasing membership in what is currently a sparsely populated Black middle class in Omaha.

Our services for corporate clients

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