Corporate DEI consulting

Imagine Omaha offers DEI consulting and services to help build Omaha’s Black workforce. Proceeds help fund our nonprofit programs.

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To address an adjacent need to keep talented Black leaders in Omaha’s workforce, Imagine Omaha operates a revenue generating arm offering expert Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion training and Executive Life Coaching to local companies. Revenue earned is injected back into our nonprofit program.

Our Services

Recruitment & retention services

Talented recruits have options beyond Omaha, in cities where Black life is more immediately apparent in cultural spaces. Employers are at a disadvantage if they are unable to connect Black recruits with experiences that make Omaha feel like an attractive place for a Black person to start or continue a career.

Imagine Omaha can help companies understand how to connect Black employees with experiences that allow them to see Omaha as a viable place to live, work, and grow—making it more likely that talent will choose to relocate to, or stay in, Omaha.

Assessment of current DEI initiatives

There is no one-size-fits-all way for companies to create a meaningful and effective DEI program. Programs must capitalize on companies’ strengths, address weaknesses, and include structures for assessing the success of efforts over the long term. Why spend valuable resources on training, only to never truly understand whether the work has been successful?

Imagine Omaha offers an independent view of your company’s existing DEI efforts through qualitative and quantitative research efforts, gathering information through participant feedback, examining strategies, and analyzing data. We can help businesses understand the effectiveness of DEI efforts and provide recommendations for capitalizing on success and improving upon weaknesses.

Planning & implementing effective DEI strategies

Meaningful and effective DEI work takes time.

Working with your company’s DEI and Leadership team, Imagine Omaha goes beyond one-shot workshops to help your company establish a comprehensive DEI program, using Omaha-based talent to invest in quality programming that benefits the company and the community.

Life Coaching for Black employees

Life Coaching is a fast-growing industry across the nation—but it is generally offered only to executives and the highest level employees. Only infrequently is it offered to employees below the executive level.

Imagine Omaha offers coaching services for local companies' mid-level Black employees, helping them move up in your company and their career, and increasing membership in what is currently a sparsely populated Black middle class in Omaha.

Why work with us?

While many companies engage consulting services for DEI programming, few utilize Black, Omaha-based consultants.

All funding earned through Imagine Omaha’s Corporate Consulting Program is used to help fund Imagine Omaha’s core nonprofit programs.

Meet our team

Meet Our Team