A new program for Omaha

Imagine Omaha serves Black adults ages 18-38 who live below the poverty line.

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To build pathways to prosperity for Omaha’s marginalized black population


An Omaha without a racial wealth gap

Target Population

Black adults aged 18-38 who live below the Adequate Standard of Living as defined by the Economic Policy Institute

Omaha’s Black population has been cut off from the city’s general prosperity by decades of structural racism, workforce discrimination, and redlining. The Omaha Project works to address this injustice.

Our model is unique and ambitious: we support Black Omahans through the most consequential transitions of early adulthood, from early careers and credentialing through wealth-building and home-ownership, with a range of counseling and guidance services.

Our tools for closing Omaha’s racial wealth gap

Many programs focus on education, training, and job-readiness; almost none support clients into young adulthood. We support our clients for up to a twenty-year period, using life-coaching to tap into each individual’s aims and sense of purpose. And we bring together a range of counseling and support services under one roof or through partners: career and financial counseling; education, training, credentialing guidance; mental and physical health referrals, legal referrals, and more. Our work helps our clients build social capital, security, and prosperity, while coping with stress and trauma brought by structural racism.  

Black certified Life Coaches & career counselors

We draw on best practices for evidence-based mentoring programs—and improve on them by staffing Black, certified Life Coaches, who not only provide clients with career counseling, but are there to support them through some of the most consequential transitions of adulthood.

Social work

Once our program achieves full funding, our life coaches will supported by on-staff Social Workers with knowledge of community resources that can be accessed to help clients overcome some of the most common barriers that stand between them and their aspirations.

Importantly, all of Imagine Omaha’s staff, from Life Coaches to supervisors and executive leaders, will have direct experience growing up in Omaha’s most marginalized zip codes, or the equivalent in other cities.

Social capital

We will expand clients’ social networks by facilitating connections with relevant community leaders and groups.

Financial counseling  

Every participant will have a financial plan, including financial goal setting and planning toward home ownership.

Mental health services

Trauma-informed care and mental health referrals will help ensure that unaddressed mental health issues don’t derail an otherwise promising life.

Solutions to common barriers

All participants will have access to what’s needed to overcome common barriers between people in poverty and a better life—from legal services to transportation, immigration assistance, health care, education, training, and more.

Through our partnerships, Imagine Omaha clients have access to

Expected Outcomes

Clients will have income exceeding the median in Omaha.

Clients will become homeowners.

Clients will experience improved well-being and life satisfaction.

Clients will have supportive social and professional networks.

Omaha employers will have a more diverse and talented workforce.

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Growing up in North Omaha, I feel like a lot of my success was by chance—connecting with the right people at the right time. Having access to a qualified life coach allows individuals to envison and create a future.

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Ashira Jones, PCC, MBA
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Ashira Jones

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